Scaling change: From managing behaviour to influencing beliefs

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If an organisation’s outcomes result from the actions of its people, how do you influence action at scale?

Maybe we want to see more communication across our organisation. Or less reactive decision making. Perhaps we’d like to see more cross-team collaboration and less silo-ed thinking.

The Results Pyramid from Roger Connors and Tom Smith offers a practical perspective.


  1. Mark_Kilby

    I’m looking forward to digging into this more. Thanks for sharing Kirsten.

  2. Lance Willett

    I’ve seen this behavioral modeling in action, where the environment itself might encourage beliefs. The “container” in which we act drives the cultural norms.

    When attempting to introduce new changes, I can adjust the container first. In my words, the Beliefs are “mindset” and the actions are “tactics.”

    1. Kirsten Clacey

      “The “container” in which we act drives the cultural norms.” – I love the way you captured the essence of this Lance!

      I think it’s easy to lose sight of the container in our organisations because we’re both in it and creating it. As we practice seeing the container, we can influence it.

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