About Us

Akshay Kapur and Kirsten Clacey

We both currently work with Automattic. It’s here that we get to co-create an L&C (aka L&D) division that:

  • Serves a fully distributed organization.
  • Is built on open source values and practices.
  • Takes a coaching first approach to working with people.

We’re coaches and facilitators, and also leaders, contributors, parents, spouses, children, friends, peers, and ultimately two people having a conversation about how to have conversations.

Who knew conversation required so much work? We don’t believe it has to, but meeting people where they’re at (versus what we want them to be, or who they have been, or what we expect of them, or how their identity is tied to their output, and what their performance says about them) requires deep sincerity and curiosity. To be genuinely open to another’s differing perspective. To examine and reflect what closes you off and explore it as a scientist or detective.

We’re interested in learning through subtraction not just addition – recognizing and removing the unnecessary – so we can be truly present to ourselves, the other person, and the space in between. Our careers reflect that.

More about Akshay and Kirsten here.

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