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“Our conversations organize the processes and structures which shape our collective futures.”

~ William Isaacs

Welcome to this conversation. We’re so glad you’re here. 

If you’re looking for advice on coaching, facilitation, learning, and leadership, we’ll be sharing our ideas, but it’s not quite advice. 

And if you’re looking for something different, something more, maybe something you can’t quite articulate – then you’re definitely in the right place, because so are we. 

L&C vs. L&D

We both currently work with Automattic. It’s here that we get to co-create an L&C (aka L&D) division that:

  • Serves a fully distributed organization.
  • Is built on open source values and practices.
  • Takes a coaching-first approach to working with people.

We’re coaches and facilitators, and also leaders, contributors, parents, spouses, children, friends, peers, and ultimately two people having a conversation about how to have conversations.

Who knew conversation required so much work? We don’t believe it has to, but meeting people where they’re at (versus what we want them to be, or who they have been, or what we expect of them, or how their identity is tied to their output, and what their performance says about them) requires deep sincerity and curiosity. 

To be genuinely open to another’s differing perspective. To examine and reflect what closes you off and explore it as a scientist or detective.

A Resource and a Conversation

This blog is intended to be both a resource and a conversation. In a world where information is abundant, we’re inviting you to think with us on topics that feel important: 

  • What is the essence of learning? 
  • What are coaching and facilitation returning to? 
  • What is needed of our professions now? How are we helping?

The questions we are interested in are both deeply personal and highly contextual. In our approach to these questions we’d like to create a container for possibilities we can’t yet see. Rather than drawing absolutes, we’re exploring. 

And you’re invited to explore with us!

Creativity exists in the searching even more than in the finding or being found.

~ Free Play, Stephen Nachmanovitch

With love, Kirsten and Akshay


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