Beyond the Mind: Questioning the Questioner

Akshay Kapur Avatar

The mind is fascinating in that it asks questions it cannot answer. 

My daughter recently asked me, “Daddy, I have a question that makes me feel I don’t exist. Who am I? Why am I here?”

In the purity of a 7-year-old’s mind, this question must be so simple, awaiting a ready answer from a trusted adult. And yet to my adult mind these questions are so daunting and unanswerable.

The best answer my mind ends at is, “I don’t know.”

Without these questions, the mind was just fine before. With their introduction, existence itself comes into question. 

For the mind, that can be incredibly scary because since the answer doesn’t require the mind and cannot be held by the mind, its existence is what’s in question.  

“I don’t know” is a perfectly sufficient answer, providing a pathway to another question:

“What is it that knows that the mind doesn’t know?”


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