Everything is optional

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It may be obvious, but everything is optional, and we state it.

It comes from a place of respect and trust. 

I respect you enough to trust that your decision making is sound even if I don’t see the full picture. If you choose to leave the meeting – I respect your decision. I cannot know what you need and so I trust you to ask.

Neither can you know what I need. And so for trust to work, I’m also clear about what I need. You can trust me to make clear asks.

And then if everything is optional and we trust one another’s asks and actions, we can start to have a real conversation. 

Maybe it was important to me that you stayed in the meeting. And I trust your decision to leave. 

We can now have a conversation.

The more full and complete the contact that we make with ourselves and each other the more possible it is to feel loved and valued, to be healthy and to learn how to be more effective in solving our problems.

Virginia Satir


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